Understanding Jewelry & Gems

Here at Bowen Jewelry Company, we have an excellent staff with a full knowledge of jewelry items and gemstones. Whether you are wondering if your family piece is Art Deco, Victorian, or Art Nouveau, our staff can assist you with that information. Or if you have a piece of jewelry that you aren’t sure what the gemstones are in it, we have gemologists on site that can identify even the most exotic of gemstones. Our staff can assist you with all of your jewelry needs, from appraising the piece, to completely restoring jewelry so it can be enjoyed for many more generations. Just stop by to meet with one of our smiling faces.

Bowen’s is an American Gem Society member, employs Graduate Gemologists, a certified Gemologist Appraiser, and holds a license as an accredited AGS Gem Laboratory.


Picking the right diamond can be confusing but we are here to help. Read More…

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