Jewelry Appraisals

You must protect your investment in your jewelry collection, by having your items appraised for insurance purpose. At Bowen Jewelry Company, our team of expert gemologists will carefully inspect each item in your collection, so you understand for what amount to insure your pieces.

While insuring your jewelry is the number one reason for appraisal, it is not the only reason. You may require appraisal to determine value when creating your estate plan or when preparing for an estate sale.

Whatever the reason may be, you must turn to an expert gemologist to ensure your appraisal is precise.

If you wish to bring in a collection larger than five items of jewelry–or if you would like to have your jewelry collection appraised for purchase—please call first at 434.845.3495 to schedule an appointment. This way we can ensure the time and attention you require is devoted to appraising your jewelry.

Don’t Forget To Come In For A Reappraisal Every 2 Years!

If you have not had your wedding ring, gemstones, family heirlooms or other fine jewelry appraised for more than 2 years, it is time to come in for a reappraisal. This way you can ensure your insurance policy will adequately cover the replacement value of all items in your collection if the need should arise.

Brian Bowen, CGA (Certified Gemologist Appraiser)

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