1933: Bowen Jewelry Company was founded by Charles Wesley Bowen Jr. in Lynchburg, Virginia

1936: Under his careful management the business prospered and moved to a larger location on 813 Main St.

1936: Bowen’s was named Watch Inspector for three railroads in the Lynchburg Area: the Southern, Norfolk and Western, and Chesapeake and Ohio

1941: December 7, 1941 was both the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the only night-time robbery at Bowen’s.

1946: Brian H. M. Bowen after graduating VMI and serving in the Third Infantry Division in WWII, came to work at Bowen’s and assumed responsibilities as the manager.

1946: Bowen Jewelry expanded again, this time to its current location in “the center of downtown Lynchburg” at the corner of 9th and Main St.

1958: Bowen’s became one of the few, if not the only jewelry store, to display the Hope Diamond before its committal to the Smithsonian Museum. The line to catch a glimpse of the famed 44 carat blue diamond stretched over a block.

1960: Bowen’s opened a second location at The Plaza Shopping Mall which was quite lucrative for the next two decades.

1963: Bowen’s had its first Estate Show in co-operation with a jewelry company from California known as Laykin et Cie. The jewelry featured was of several famous actresses including a 15 carat pink diamond owned by Jane Mansfield and in more recent years a glamorous estate owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

1970: Bowen’s bought out the location of 827 Main Street and expanded the original store and inventory with a brilliant larger space.

1980: Bowen’s moves its secondary store from The Plaza to the newly opened River Ridge Mall. Bowen’s was successful for several years there until the quality of stores began to decline, and Bowen’s came to the conclusion that a fine jewelry store didn’t belong in the atmosphere of mass merchandisers and discounters. The mall store closed and Bowen’s transgressed back to only the original single store in the heart of downtown Lynchburg.

1989: Brian H. M. Bowen Jr. (Biff) joined the store and quickly became a knowledgeable jeweler, obtaining the AGS titles of both RJ and Certified Gemologist/Appraiser.

2014: Mason B. Bowen joined the store and began his study of gemology following in the footsteps of family.

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